An Overview of the Graphic Design Trends in 2017

Websites in different domains are used for commercial purpose. Graphic design lends an added beauty to a website. Companies hire skilled and qualified graphic designers in their workforce to address the needs of IT business. The following graphic designing trends are popular among the graphic designers community.

Bold, bright and vibrant colors

Creating clean designs in 2017, many professionals prefer to use bright and vibrant colors. Modern professionals show an inclination to use natural colors. Along with photography, using bold images, the graphic designing professionals prefer to use bright colors, keeping the background of the design, neutral.

Color transitions

Transitioning with colors is one of the popular designing trends. Whether it is logo, picture overlays or button design, the trend is everywhere. Many reputed brands have switched from flat colors to multiple colors as far as creating logo is concerned.

Geometric shapes and Patterns

The graphic designing community expects to work with more nature inspired shapes and patterns. These can be precious stones, marbles and plants. The flat-designs of 2016 are still relevant even this year. For brand-designing a combination of,the best quality of flat designs and pattern designs lead to the creation of vibrant as well as colorful products that are not just contemporary but also artistic in looks. Many professionals often switch from using symmetrical patterns or multiple colors to trendy organic line pattern.

Those who prefer to keep it simple, minimalism is popular. In 2017, many brands are adopting the minimalist design trend. For those who need color in their creations, they can consider adding subtle metallic-color in the designs. This trend is undoubtedly old but still relevant in 2017.

Modern retro

In the previous year we have seen how popular modern-retro designs were. These were extensively used in logo creation, web and packaging design. The preference for these designing trends was there in 2016 and it is expected to grow further in this year.

Modular layouts

The nodular-designing trend is not new. Whether it is a print or a web-design, lengthy text blocks can be not interesting for the readers and readers often prefer to avoid reading long boring texts. However, breaking long texts into short chunks makes the information contained in the text more manageable. The modular design is not just manageable but can be made to look professional as well. In 2017, modular designing trend is popular both in web and print design.

Bold photography and sleek text

This is a common trend to use bold photography and sleek text as the combination of the two works superb for displaying ads, various social media promotions and graphics. Such trends helps to convey small amount of information almost instantaneously.


Markers require tools and strategies to gram the attention of the audience in a precise and exciting manner. The cinematography trend is a simple and effective way to address the marketing problems. What are cinema-graphs? They are static images with minor dynamic elements. This technique makes simple photos look lively and realistic. This trend seems to be popular in 2017 with the rising competition among marketers.

Material design

In 2017, material designs appear to be the boldest trends. In this trend, inspiration can be sought from real world materials and they can be ink and paper. This trend leads to designs which are lightweight, minimalistic yet very much real.

The Future Scope of VoIP

As in the Internet era, VoIP services stands unique and inexpensive to internet people. The buzzing word in today’s calling is Voice over Internet Protocol. The revolution of VoIP has already taken into many corporate spaces and ready to exceed the gamut of its today’s version in coming future. According to recent survey nearly 90% of large companies have switched to VoIP technology. Also world has witnessed a great transition of revenue in VoIP from $13 billion in 2002 to $197 billion in 2007. And in terms of usage it has witnessed 8.3 billion minutes in 2002 to 823 billion minutes in 2007.

The way today people connect with each other is what VoIP technology dominates over. When the first generation VoIP came it was based on legacy phone networks and was limited to only business and corporations. When second generation VoIP came it had an edge over the previous in it as it provided tools like Skype, offered private and personal usage but still held back cross platform calling options. Now the present generation VoIP tools like Google talk etc gain superiority over the former by offering the cross platform calling depending upon the 3G/4G connectivity options. This way VoIP will touch new scales.

Sometimes back making international calls was a tough decision and it restricted loved ones from staying connected but with the introduction of VoIP not only it catered to business needs but also helped narrowing the gap of communication among the personal relations. No more sim needed to be changed for reducing costs as VoIP itself provided cut in costs. Only internet connectivity with a compatible device and a VoIP platform like Google talk or ComCast fulfilled the requirements. Nowadays video and audio conferencing is the major application of VoIP technology. Technically probing, it is based on multiplexing and multicasting scheme.

With the costs as low as $0.09 per minutes across networks and free calling on net VoIP has served the corporate and business organisations be it governmental or non- governmental or small growing enterprises on platter. Over and over with many researches and practice, VoIP has evolved its voice quality to the best. The speed and bandwidth improvements and proliferation of high speed networks like LTE, coming 5G etc have contributed to the betterment of the Voice over Internet Protocol. Ensuring best voice quality really eliminates the hindrance of communication caused in the business. The costs and quality has subscribed to the capital of the business organisations.

With the novel technology of IoT (Internet Of Things) evolving with fast pace it is expected that by 2020, 20 billion objects will be connected to each other over the internet and it is worth noting that VoIP technology will play a crucial role in controlling IoT automation. Everything in coming future will be retained on cloud and the wide usage of cloud computing will integrate the VoIP technology to have the sound application of the duo. The growth of VoIP continues to spell it casts over the world accepting its valuability.