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For the users of the smartphone, there are ample options to use this small device. It can be used to call, text, or even complete many other tasks. The video watching is another activity that people love to go for it on this small device. One can find several platforms where these videos are availed by different uploaders. However, they are the properties of the concerned platform, and hence, one has to watch them following certain rules of the concerned platform. The main restriction here is one cannot get the video on his smartphone downloaded and neither can he share the same on any other platforms.

What is the option?

For the users, the video is the best entertainer, and hence they love to have them on the smartphone, but as the platforms do not allow it what can be the best option to have these videos? In that case, one can resort to the apps that can fetch the video from any platform. One can find several such apps on the play store, but the majority of them fail when it comes to fetching the video. The most trusted app is vidmate in this regard, which is not available on the play store, and hence, one needs to get the same downloaded from its site 9apps. One can go for vidmate download with the help of the link which is provided on the site. Once the site is clicked, the app starts downloaded automatically.  It takes a small time for the same to be downloaded and installed but again it depends on the speed of the internet of the user.

The installation:

Once the app is downloaded, usually it gets installed easily, but the system of the device may identify as a potential risk due to non-verification of the same and hence prompt as a threat to the device which can be ignored for the installation. In a few seconds, the app becomes ready to fetch the video of one’s choice from any platform, but the only condition here is one needs to have the right link for the same. Hence the installation of the app is easy.

Once the app is installed, the user can start fetching the videos he wants. He needs to have the link of the concerned video first, which he can get from the concerned platform. He can paste the link on the app and hit the button of download to initiate the process by the app. The app traces the video with the help of the link, and if the link is correct, it can start downloading the video in no time.

It may take several minutes to have the video on the device. Once the video is downloaded on the device, one can watch it or share the same with the help of any messenger to others. One can also upload it on own site or social media sites. In case the link is wrong the app will show an error and the user needs to check the link again for the same video.

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